Published Work

Andrea is a current contributor to Blackwell’s Philosophy and Pop Culture series:

“Why Do I Have to Be Some Kind of Hero?” (chapter 3), The Ultimate Supernatural and Philosophy, edited by Richard Greene, 2022.

“Not From Around Here” (chapter 11), Stranger Things and Philosophy, edited by Jeff Ewing and Andrew Winters, 2019.

“We’re Only What We Remember” (Chapter 11), The Americans and Philosophy: Reds In The Bed, edited by Robert Arp and Kevin Guilfoy, 2017.

“Ellen Ripley: The Rise of the Matriarch” (Chapter 14), Alien and Philosophy: I Infest Therefore I Am, edited by Jeffrey A. Ewing and Kevin S. Decker, 2017.

“Wonder Woman: Feminist Faux Pas?” (Chapter 5), Wonder Woman and Philosophy: The Amazonian Mistique, edited by Jacob Held, 2017.

“Monstrous Fear” (Chapter 7), The X Files and Philosophy: The Truth Is In Here, edited by Robert Arp, 2017.

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Regency, Repression and Roundhouse Kicks” (Chapter 17), Jane Austen and Philosophy, edited by Mimi Marinucci, 2017.

“The Art of Killing” (Chapter 15), Hannibal Lecter and Philosophy: The Heart of the Matter, edited by Joseph Westfall, 2016.

“Sometimes a Motorcycle Is Just a Motorcycle. Freud and Hamlet Come to Charming” (Chapter 15), Sons of Anarchy and Philosophy: Brains Before Bullets, edited by Jason T. Eberl, George A. Dunn and William Irwin, 2013.

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